It’s prom season. Statistically the most dangerous night in your teens driving career is driving on prom

According to a survey by AAA, 84% of teens surveyed said they would likely get behind the wheel of a
car rather than call home for a ride if they were impaired. Teens feel they will get in trouble for
drinking, so they would rather risk driving over facing a parent. 22% of the teens surveyed said they’d
ride in a car with someone who was impaired rather than call their parents.

Despite the education, outreach, and prom car crash simulations teens (and some parents) are reluctant
to believe that drinking and driving is going to impact them. MADD offers some excellent tips for

If your child gets into an accident while under the influence of alcohol, you, the parent could be held
responsible for damages to other people or property. Even if you did not know your child was going to
drink, under New York State Law, you as the parent may be the liable party.

The CDC offers a parent-teen driving agreement that can be downloaded and signed.
The new driver deal by drive it home provides a tool for parents and child to talk about and follow safe
driving practices.

If you or your child find yourselves in a legal situation due to drunk driving, contact Brian Lee Law, PLLC
office for a consultation.