During the holidays it is common for business to host holiday parties for their staff. What most companies do not realize is they can be held liable for injuries caused by employees who drive drunk after that party. The employer is the host, and the host can be held responsible for any accidents that result from a drunk employee driving after the party.

In New York, if you are injured by a drunk driver, you can bring a personal injury claim against that driver. In some situations, you can also bring a claim against the business that provided the alcohol. In the above example, that party is the business that hosted the holiday party. The business can be held responsible for all medical bills, lost wages of the injured parties, property damage and pain and suffering. This can be a substantial bill.

How can you reduce the risk of drunk driving by employees?

  • Hire a professional bartender: Professional bartenders are trained to recognize when someone has had too much to drink. These pros have no relationship with your employees and will have an easier time cutting them off.
  • Hire a Taxi Service: Make sure no one drives home drunk by having a car service at the ready to drive employees home.
  • No more open bar: When alcohol is readily available, it can lead to over indulging. Limiting each employee to one free drink and having a cash bar helps to keep everything under control.
  • Encourage overnight stays: If you host a company party at a hotel, encourage employees to book a room. Try a coupon incentive for them to stay overnight.
  • Serve non alcoholic beverages and plenty of food at your event.