School Bus Accidents

School buses are big and can cause a lot of damage when they impact with smaller, family vehicles. In New York, a school bus driver must have the “S” endorsement on his/her CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Many school bus drivers are professional drivers, others are part time or fill in drivers. School bus drivers are expected to have professional training to ensure the safety of their riders and other pedestrians and vehicles they share the road with.

When a school bus hits your car, there is a very good chance that you will have some level of property damage. Given the weight and size of the bus, you may even sustain enough damage to declare a total loss. If you have sustained bodily injury, such as a concussion or broken bones, you may face high medical bills.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration collected data from 2006 – 2015 regarding school-transportation related accidents. There were 1,344 people killed in this time frame, most of which were occupants of other vehicles. While this is only a fraction of all vehicle related deaths, it is no less significant.

Several things impact a case against a school bus driver and a school district.

  • Who was at fault?
  • Was the driver properly trained by the district?
  • Did the bus have a mechanical defect?

Government agencies and government employees have some protection from being sued. These “sovereign immunity” laws are longstanding. While the rules may make perusing a case against a school district or driver more difficult, it does not mean that it is impossible.

Working with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you when school bus hits your car. Your rights as a pedestrian or driver must be protected. Our office is proactive in protecting those rights. Contact us to for a free consultation to review your case.