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Settlement for trip and fall

Our client was attending a banquet at a local restaurant when another guest got her high heel stuck in the grate of a floor-mounted air vent in the dining room. The vent cover was removed from the floor by an employee, leaving an unguarded open hole. Our client was walking across the floor and stepped into the opening injuring her ankle. She suffered an injury to her right leg and underwent two surgeries on her right foot/ankle.


Awarded after tripping on defective home entrance steps

Our client tripped and fell on defective outdoor steps at a residence causing fractures to her forearm and hip. We were able to settle with the property owner’s liability insurer.


Settlement for trusting another driver’s “all clear”

Our client was hit by a vehicle that was pulling out of a convenience store driveway. Another vehicle waved him on saying it was clear to go, he pulled out and hit our client’s car. Our client suffered a subdural hematoma and recovered without any surgical intervention.


Settlement rear-end collision

Client’s good insurance added 135k for the rear-end collision that injured our client’s back. She did have surgery, and we were able to settle for the policy amount of $50,000 with the at-fault carrier and then settle with our client’s insurance carrier for an additional $135,000 under the underinsured portion of her policy.


settlement rear-ended by a tractor-trailer

Our client’s car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while stopped in traffic. The impact caused her knees to hit the dashboard and also injured her neck.


settlement for neck surgery after someone ran a stop sign.

Our client was hit in an intersection by a driver that ran a stop sign. Our client ended up having neck surgery.


for the passenger in a car that hit a deer.

Our client was a front-seat passenger when the car she was in hit a deer that crossed the road in front of them. We were able to collect from the driver’s insurance policy. He had been drinking the evening of the accident. Our client had preexisting back pain that was made worse as a result of the collision.

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