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Truck Accidents: An Overview

Due to the difference in size, when a car and an 18 wheeler collide, the injuries can be catastrophic. Brian Lee Law Firm has worked with clients throughout New York who are going through these situations. Since 1982, we have fought for justice when it matters most.

What You Need To Know About Truck Accidents

The unique thing about truck accident cases is that it’s not just the driver who can be held responsible. The company they work for and their insurer are also liable. This can make things quite complicated. There are often numerous attorneys at their side, refusing to pay what they should. Our firm is the strong advocate you need to fight against these corporations. We will do everything we can to get the compensation you deserve.

Truck drivers face difficult circumstances, which makes these cases quite common. They are often on the road for long amounts of time with little to no sleep. Add in dangerous road conditions and a lack of training and it is recipe for disaster. That doesn’t mean it is right. You deserve payment for all the pain and suffering you have gone through. We will not stop until we reach the best possible solution, no matter what it takes.

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