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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    You focus on your physical recovery, and we’ll handle your financial recovery.

Practice limited to motor vehicle accidents, collisions involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and the pedestrians and bicyclists hit by them.

Some people think that any lawyer can handle a car crash case successfully.

  • What could be so difficult about a “fender bender” or “bumper-to-bumper” collision?
  • The insurance company is going to pay me anyway, right?
  • The more serious the injuries, the more money they pay, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. The insurance carriers will do anything they can to avoid paying you, no matter how seriously you have been injured.

At the Brian Lee Law Firm, when we take your case we analyze all available insurance coverage including No Fault, UM and SUM endorsements and make sure required notifications to all insurance carriers and parties are proper and timely. The very first meeting with the client entails developing a trial strategy. That is how we have come to expect success with every case, no matter the injury.

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