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Can you keep biking as the weather changes?

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Car Accidents

All spring, summer and throughout early fall, you rode your bike as your main means of transportation. You loved it. Not only did it reduce your environmental impact, but it helped you get into excellent shape. 

Now that the winter is coming on, you do not want to switch back to the car. Can you keep riding your bike?

Choose the right bike

You certainly can, but you need to have the right type of bike. A mountain bike may be better than a road bike, for instance, and a fat bike can be best of all. With its oversized tires, a fat bike is the most stable in the snow and it has the ability to churn through powder. It gives you greater balance on slick surfaces. Fat bikes do tend to be slower and may be physically more difficult to ride, but all of that is just going to provide extra exercise on your rides. 

Take extra safety steps

Unfortunately, riding this way may also bring on extra risks. Drivers may not expect you to be out in the winter, for one thing. For another, you could get hit by a driver who loses control of their car on the slick roads. If they slide into the bike lane or spin sideways trying to brake at an intersection, are they going to cause an accident that you can’t avoid? People lose control of their cars all the time in the winter, and you have to consider that risk if you’re out there on a bike. 

If you do get injured while you ride, make sure you know how to seek fair compensation for your medical bills and other losses. If a negligent driver hits you, you have every right to make a claim.

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