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After a New York truck accident, don’t do these things

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Personal injury attorneys often counsel Saratoga Springs, NY, truck accident victims about what to do in the wake of a crash. Part of our commitment to the communities we serve involves telling victims how to improve their accident claims.

Our injury attorneys also like to inform victims about what not to do after a collision. We believe this can also improve your case when you want to file a truck accident claim.

Do not do these things after a truck accident

Whether you are seeking compensation through insurance claims or considering an injury lawsuit, it is vital to protect your interests. Trucking companies have more legal protections in place than the average victim would have. For example, they have teams of attorneys standing by to defend them when a crash occurs.

These lawyers will dig deep to find a way to discredit you. When you avoid doing the things discussed below, you deny them an opportunity to tear your claim apart.

  • Never leave the scene of the crash because it could harm your claim.
  • Never apologize or otherwise indicate that you contributed to the crash.
  • Never discuss your accident on social media outlets or indicate that you are okay after a crash.
  • Never avoid getting a medical opinion because you will need treatment records to improve your case.
  • Never give a recorded or written statement to insurers or trucking companies as they may use it against you.

It is also unwise to dismiss the advantages a seasoned injury attorney can bring to your case. In addition to having extensive knowledge of accident law, a lawyer can help you make the right decisions in the aftermath of a severe truck accident.

Keep exploring our website and blog for additional insight into truck accident claims in New York.

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