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What are the most common warning signs of a brain injury?

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Car Accidents

Some medical conditions have distinct and obvious symptoms. A broken bone will often look abnormal and will cause someone pain, either constantly or when the person tries to use the affected body part. A spinal cord injury will affect all sensation and motor function below the injury site.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), on the other hand, can produce a whole range of symptoms. Your brain controls everything from your internal circadian rhythm and your heartbeat to your personality and your memory.

Depending on your unique neurology and the location of the injury, you might experience any number of symptoms after a TBI. When you fall or experience a car crash, you need to monitor yourself and others carefully for these warning signs of a serious brain injury.

Physical symptoms are common

Perhaps the most obvious physical symptoms someone might have due to a brain injury will be a headache, which may be intermittent or constant. A worsening headache is of particular concern, as that may be an indication that there is ongoing bleeding or swelling worsening the injury.

Nausea and vomiting are also common after a TBI. Other people may notice issues with their strength, their speech or their motor control. Balance or equilibrium issues are also common physical symptoms associated with TBI.

Many people notice sensory changes

A significant amount of your brain’s function goes to the processing of sensory information, so it makes sense that a brain injury might change your sensory experiences. For example, people may notice a ringing in their ears or blurry vision. Some people notice changes to their sense of taste and smell. They may also become more sensitive to light or sound.

Cognitive changes are also common

An injury to someone’s brain can affect the way that they think and behave. An otherwise inexplicable change to someone’s behavior, mood or personality could have its roots in a recent brain injury. Some people will experience difficulty accessing old memories or making new ones. Others will experience confusion and difficulty with analyzing the situation or solving problems.

Recognizing the signs of a brain injury is crucial because timely treatment can drastically reduce the long-term consequences of a brain injury. You need to understand the potential impact of a brain injury in order to get compensation for one after a car crash.

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