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3 key facts about truck blind spots

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Vehicle collisions are potentially dangerous in their own right. However, accidents that involve trucks and larger commercial vehicles pose a further risk of serious injury.

All vehicles have blind spots. Essentially, these are areas around the vehicle where vision is completely obstructed. Circumstances where drivers are unaware of their surroundings present a serious threat of road traffic accidents. Having an understanding of truck blind spots could assist in preventing vehicular collisions. Outlined below are three key facts about truck blind spots.

Truck blind spots are larger than in other vehicles

Every vehicle has blind spots. However, these are accentuated in trucks and commercial vehicles. The most prominent blind spots are to the rear of trucks as well as to the right-hand side. It is highly likely that truck drivers are unable to see vehicles that have quickly entered the space to the right of their vehicle, which increases the potential for a collision.

Truck drivers are also typically unable to utilize rearview mirrors and windshields. This makes the area directly behind trucks extremely hazardous. It is always beneficial to maintain a safe distance when traveling behind a larger vehicle.

Despite being a safer place to pass, there may still be blind spots on the left-hand side of trucks. For this reason, road users should always be careful when overtaking.

Mirror positioning is crucial for truck drivers

There are ways that truck drivers can position their mirrors to obtain optimal visions around the vehicle. This task can often be carried out before embarking on a journey. Additionally, it could be an option to install additional mirrors, with the result of maximizing areas of visibility.

Motorcycles can be extremely difficult to see

Due to their narrow stature, motorcycles can be very difficult to see. Consequently, motorcyclists should always be careful to signal before performing maneuvers. It can also be beneficial for motorcyclists to wear visible clothing, especially at night time.

Having an understanding of truck blind spots could ensure your safety. In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in a road traffic accident, there may be legal options available to you.

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