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3 of the most dangerous roads in New York

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

New York is a relatively hazardous state for motorcyclists, though it is thankfully not the most dangerous in the country. According to recent data, there are 392,178 motorcycles registered in New York, and there were 145 fatalities recorded in 2017. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calculated that the rate of motorcyclist fatalities per 100,000 registered motorcycles was at around 3.7%, placing the state at 38th in the nation.

Knowing that there are risks that you’ll face on the road as a motorcyclist can help you avoid trouble. In addition, knowing the most dangerous routes can help you plan for a safer ride. Here are three areas of New York that you’ll want to avoid to stay safer on your motorcycle.

Taconic State Parkway

There are many hazardous places to ride in our state, but Taconic State Parkway comes near the top of the list. The Parkway is an overcrowded two-lane road. Additionally, you have to maneuver through myriad twists and turns, making it more likely for you or another driver to lose control and crash.

Hempstead Turnpike

Another dangerous area of the state is in Nassau County. The Hempstead Turnpike is known for being dangerous for pedestrians, but the fact that there are limited crosswalks and dangerous intersections can spell trouble for motorcyclists, too. Over the course of years of data collection, Hempstead Turnpike has been named the most dangerous road in New York at least five times.

Upper Broadway in Manhattan

Manhattan is a busy part of New York City, so you expect it to be busy. Upper Broadway is particularly dangerous for people approaching the George Washington Bridge, though, and all areas above 96th St. are more prone to crashes than those below that point. As a motorcyclist, you have to watch out for traffic, pedestrian crossings, cyclists and more in this dangerous region.

These are just three of the most dangerous roadways in New York. With heavy traffic, winding roads and other issues to deal with, you need to stay focused on safely operating your motorcycle and on staying within the speed limit. If someone else makes a mistake that leads to a crash, you may be able to take legal steps to hold them accountable.

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