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Can you seek compensation for crash-related emotional trauma?

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

Those who have survived a serious motor vehicle accident understand the lasting effects of a crash. Physical injuries are often easy to notice, allowing victims to seek compensation for necessary medical care.

Unfortunately, accident survivors can suffer from psychological injuries also, and they are not so easy to spot. Collisions have become the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You may qualify for pain and suffering damages

Pain and suffering damages refer to car accident compensation that addresses losses or harm that are hard to quantify. These damages typically apply after devastating crashes that result in extensive physical and psychological harm.

If you receive a formal diagnosis of PTSD and suffer from debilitating symptoms, you may be able to obtain a pain and suffering award. Some of the ways post-accident mental trauma such as PTSD can affect survivors include:

  • Thoughts and moods: This includes negative thoughts about yourself or others, feeling detached from close relationships, thoughts of hopelessness and more.
  • Intrusive memories: Distressing memories of the crash, nightmares about it, and severe physical and psychological reactions when reminded of the accident can become overwhelming.
  • Emotional and physical reactions: You may be easily frightened or startled, overly vigilant about possible danger and engage in self-destructive conduct.

Many crash survivors with emotional trauma also display unusual avoidance behaviors. For example, they may go out of their way to avoid thinking of the crash or being near the scene.

When psychological trauma is severe, it can affect accident survivors for the rest of their lives. A mental health consultation might help determine if accident-related mental problems are an issue. Learning more about New York laws governing car accident compensation can help you obtain sufficient restitution to address all your harm.

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