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Additional hazards near the end of motorcycle season

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is generally considered to be prime motorcycle season, but there is time in both the spring and in the fall when riding can be done. As the calendar marches closer and closer to winter, this season is coming to a close.

This is important to note not just because it means that you’re running out of time to go for a ride, but also because you may face some additional hazards when you do. Riding is a little more risky in the fall, and you have to make sure that risk is part of your equation when deciding to go out. Here are just a few examples to be wary of.

Reduced daylight hours

For one thing, the amount of daylight hours is slowly shrinking. Riding or driving at night is always more dangerous, and the lack of light can massively reduce your visibility on a bike. It’s much harder for other drivers to see you, and it’s very important to have working lights, signals, reflectors and other safety systems.

Dangerous weather

As things get colder, it’s also more likely that you can get caught in the rain, the fog or other types of weather. This is always dangerous, as slick, wet roads can be hazardous for a motorcycle. Plus, the changing leaves may be incredibly beautiful to look at as you ride, but wet leaves on the pavement can cause an accident.

Rain and fog can also reduce visibility for other drivers. This may cause them to strike your bike if they fail to yield the right of way and pull out in front of you, for instance. If it’s dark and rainy, drivers can see very little through the glare on the windshield.

Unaware drivers

Another potential issue is that drivers will assume that motorcyclists are no longer riding after the end of the summer. They may not be as attentive and they may simply be unaware of where your bike is on the road. You also see this phenomenon in the spring, when bikes come back out and it’s clear that drivers have forgotten how to operate safely around them.

What if you get injured?

If you do get injured in a motorcycle accident this year, take the time to look at all of the legal options at your disposal.


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