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Don’t delay seeking medical attention following a car crash

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Law

Many people who are in car accidents often find themselves initially unhurt – their vehicle may not be so fortunate. Without any obvious signs of injuries, people may skip seeking medical attention. These same people may start developing symptoms of serious medical conditions sometime after the crash. 

You may experience serious injuries after a car crash that can only be known after seeking the help of medical professionals. Some of these health issues may be revealed early on. Here’s what you should watch for:


A concussion can happen to anyone at any time and is a rather common injury people suffer following a car collision. Concussions are caused by blows or jolts that may force the head to move suddenly back and forth. You may be concussed if you’re frequently dizzy, lightheaded, exhausted or experiencing constant headaches.


You may not realize a car accident affected you until the next time you go for a drive. You may be driving when you suddenly feel uncomfortable, shaky or even scared to drive – these could be signs that you developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of your accident. People typically feel anxious after a traumatic experience, but the continual experience of stress may be a sign of PTSD. Seeking medical attention right after your accident helps connect the emotional damage to the trauma if you seek compensation.

If you delay getting medical attention then you may find it more difficult to prove you were injured in a vehicle accident and need compensation for your injuries. When looking to recover from your losses and medical expenses, you may need to seek legal help to get what you deserve.

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