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Top 5 things to do after a car accident

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Law

It is easy to let panic run the show immediately after a car crash. No one expects a collision when they head out for their daily commute, and it can be difficult to comprehend an unexpected event, especially if you get hurt in the process.

The best way to protect yourself in the event of a motor vehicle collision is to already have a procedure to follow before you get into a crash. When you know how to protect yourself, you can avoid common mistakes and oversights that lead to Insurance problems and litigation.

Capture the scene of the crash

Your mobile phone is a very valuable tool in the immediate aftermath of a car crash. You can use it to capture video footage and pictures of the placement of your vehicles and the damage to them. Taking multiple images or videos will help put the crash in context and can assist in a recreation if one is necessary later.

Exchange information with the other driver

Your mobile phone can also help with this step. You can use it to take a picture of their driver’s license, their license plate and their proof of insurance. Those details will be important later when you file an insurance claim or pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Move your vehicles if need be

You may need to get help from passers-by to help you push your vehicles to the side of the road and allow for traffic to move around you as you wait for first responders. Doing so can help prevent secondary collisions, especially if the crash occurs at a point with bad visibility.

File a police report

If you don’t make an official report about the collision, you will have a hard time asking for compensation from an insurance company or filing a civil lawsuit. Even if the other driver offers to cover your costs out of pocket, it can be very difficult to hold someone accountable for a crash when there is no official record of the collision.

See a medical professional

Unless the crash was a minor fender-bender that barely damaged your vehicle, you could have injuries that you don’t even notice at the time of the wreck. Internal bleeding, stable fractures and traumatic brain injuries are often hard to notice right after a car crash. Soft tissue injuries may also take a day to cause pain and limit your function.

When you see a doctor right after a crash, you can secure a quicker diagnosis and faster treatment. You also have an easier time showing that your injury relates to the collision.

When there is major damage to your vehicle or serious injury to you or a passenger in your vehicle, you may need to consider getting professional help to negotiate with the insurance company or look into your options for financial compensation. Taking the appropriate steps after a significant car crash can help you minimize the losses you suffer because of the wreck.

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