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3 ways drivers can prevent car accidents

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car crashes are one of the most common ways people get injured or killed. In the United States, there are approximately six million car accidents per year, and half of that number results in injuries. 

Fortunately, many car crashes are preventable. Here are three ways drivers can lower their chances of hurting others and themselves.

When driving at night, they should stop somewhere to rest

Some car accidents, especially at night, occur because drivers are sleep deprived. In fact, drowsy driving accounts for 20 percent of vehicle collisions and can even be as fatal as driving under the influence. 

Instead of traveling for several hours straight, drivers should take frequent breaks to sip a caffeinated drink like coffee or cola. When they’re too tired to go on for the night, they can stop by a hotel to rest.

Drivers shouldn’t risk traveling through inclement weather

No one has power over the weather, but people can control their response to it. Heavy raindrops and snowflakes make it difficult to see while driving. And if it was hailing outside, the hailstones could be large enough to break car windows. 

Drivers should handle this situation similarly to how they would deal with drowsy driving: by staying somewhere until the bad weather blows over. 

Car maintenance plays a role in road safety, too

Most car mechanics recommend vehicle owners give their cars a check-up every six to 12 months. After all, the brakes could be loose, or the car might be low on motor oil. If a driver refuses to address these problems, said issues can exacerbate and contribute to a fatal accident.

Even with these tips in place, some people still ignore them and end up hurting others. Have you or a loved one been recently injured in a car accident? Reach out for legal guidance to aid you in your case. If negligence was the cause of your injuries, then you may be entitled to compensation.  


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