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Don’t post about your car accident on social media

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Car Accidents

Almost everyone uses social media in some capacity. Whether you have accounts of your own or you just spend time browsing online, you’ll know that anything that’s posted has the potential to spread far and wide.

There’s always the temptation to share details of your life with your friends and family via social media when you experience something as life-altering as a car accident. You want to let people know your version of events and that you’re okay.

Generally, this isn’t a good idea. It poses risks to your insurance claim and can damage your evidence.

The dangers of posting on social media

  • Photos and video evidence you post online can be used against you in your claim. If, for example, your claim states that you suffered injuries to your arms and/or legs that limit your ability to work and enjoy life, it’s not a good idea to post pictures of yourself carrying out strenuous activities post-accident. You risk damaging your credibility even though the photos are completely innocent.
  • Insurance companies will look at your accounts. A process called “discovery” happens when the claim is being investigated, and the insurance company will look for anything that suggests you’re liable for the accident or that your account doesn’t add up. Making your account “private” can help but the best thing to do is not post anything at all.
  • Your statements can be misconstrued or taken out of context. For example, expressing anger or making a comment such as “Why do I always end up in this situation?” can be used against you to suggest that you might have been at fault.

It can be challenging to work with insurance companies, and they are infamous for refusing to pay out claims. You can ensure that you receive the money you are due with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.




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