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What Roads “Host” The Most Collisions Around Saratoga Springs?

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

Roads can be unsafe for many reasons. They may be lined by big trees or bushes that obscure the ability to see approaching traffic. They may experience heavy levels of commuter traffic or feature numerous blind curves. They could be close to a popular bar where people often over-indulge and then drive home with their ability compromised.

Technically, collisions can occur on any road in the Saratoga Springs area, as drivers can make mistakes at any point. However, there are statistically certain streets that experience a higher number of collisions than other roads. What are the most dangerous places to drive in Saratoga Springs?

Faster roads see far worse crashes

The most dangerous and severe collisions tend to occur on roads with higher speed limits. Route 9 is one of the deadliest roads in the Capital Region and is likely the most dangerous in Saratoga Springs. Several other highways, including those that pass through the area, also see a high number of collisions involving vehicles at high speeds that can cause serious injury.

However, there are surface roads that are quite dangerous as well. Grand Avenue, specifically between West Avenue and Rowland Street, sees a high number of crashes and injuries, even though the applicable speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

In addition to tracking car crashes, local safety experts also track bicycle and pedestrian crashes, providing maps that help show what parts of Saratoga Springs see the highest number of crashes between motor vehicles and people walking or biking.

How crash statistics help to improve public safety

Learning about the most dangerous roads in the area could benefit drivers in several ways. If possible, they can choose to avoid those roads that are known to see a higher number of severe collisions. When they do have to travel on those specific streets, they can pay close attention to the actions of other drivers and risk factors that might increase the likelihood of a major collision occurring.

Staying up to date on local traffic safety information can help drivers in the Saratoga Springs area reduce their risk of a motor vehicle collision by making more informed decisions about where and when they will and will not drive.

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