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3 Common Mistakes Drivers Make After Car Crashes

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car crashes are chaotic experiences that can make it hard for victims to think rationally. Unfortunately, some people who feel discombobulated after a collision end up making mistakes that will cost them dearly in the future.

It is all too easy to overlook personal risks in the aftermath of a wreck. Those who know about the most common mistakes made after collisions can potentially avoid repeating those mistakes if they ever experience a serious crash. These are some of the top mistakes that can affect someone’s rights after a car crash.

1. Agreeing to settle things directly

The law in New York requires that people report crashes to the police if someone gets hurt or there are property damage losses of $1,000 or more. Occasionally, someone involved in a crash may try to convince the other motorist to forgo communication with the authorities.

They will offer to directly pay for the cost to repair someone’s vehicle, for example. Such requests can prevent someone from taking action later, as the lack of a police report could affect the right to an insurance claim and impact their options for filing a civil lawsuit.

2. Failing to document the situation

The details of the crash will determine who is at fault and therefore who has to cover the costs generated by the wreck. If people don’t preserve that evidence, they could have a harder time securing compensation.

People often move their vehicles before taking pictures or recording video of the crash scene, which may mean they have no evidence about the placement of the vehicles after the wreck. They might also forget to obtain the information about the other driver, which could delay or prevent an insurance going.

3. Not seeking medical attention

Many drivers who spend an hour or more waiting to file a police report and get a tow truck to move their vehicle will want to get on with their day as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if someone doesn’t see a doctor after a crash, they may not get the diagnosis and treatment they need for internal injuries or brain injuries. They might also have a harder time filing an insurance claim later.

Avoiding common mistakes after a serious motor vehicle collision with the assistance of an experienced legal professional can help people to get compensation and avoid personal liability for a crash they didn’t cause.


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