Car Accidents

Proving lost wages in your car accident claim

When a car accident leads to injuries that prevent you from going to work, you can claim lost wages and other job benefits as part of your compensation package. Even if your injuries were minor and prevented you from working for a short time, you still deserve...

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Pedestrians accidents caused by the A-pillar

Car diagrams will show that the two pillars on the front of the vehicle, one on each side of the windshield, are known as the A-pillars. Depending on the size of the car, there will also be B, C or even D pillars in between different doors and surrounding side...

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Can you suffer nerve damage in a car crash?

Damage or injury to the body’s nervous system occurs in some car accidents. Since nerves carry messages and signals to the body, nerve injury can lead to a lifetime of pain and complications. If you have unusual or unexplained symptoms after suffering injuries in a...

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What are the causes of distracted driving?

You are driving to work. Your phone rings and you reach for it to see who is calling. The radio goes to commercial and you need to switch the channel. Your kids are arguing in the backseat, so you take your eyes off the road to find out what they are fighting over....

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Teenage traffic fatalities spike in the summer

New teenage drivers can get into severe and sometimes deadly car wrecks. Multiple factors influence a teenager's likeliness to get hurt in a wreck. The general lack of experience that someone has in their first few years of driving is a concern. So too is the constant...

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