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Do you know the dangers of walking near construction zones?

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Personal Safety

Most people know that construction is dangerous, but their concept of the risk it creates usually stops with acknowledging that construction work is a dangerous career path. What people don’t always realize is that construction is also dangerous to the general public.

Anyone who has to walk past or through a construction site and even those in vehicles near construction can wind up seriously injured because of things that happen during the project. Whether you encounter construction on the road and sidewalk as a pedestrian or walk past a building in early construction phases or undergoing a remodel, you have the risk of potentially getting hurt.

Falling objects and heavy machinery both create risk

Many construction areas, especially those where workers are at significant elevations, require hard hats for people who will be close to the work because objects like tools or supplies could wind up falling and could cause potentially fatal injuries to a person below.

As if that wasn’t frightening enough, the big machines that operate on construction sites are also a source of risk to the public as the people operating those machines may not be able to see clearly around them and could strike or even run over pedestrians. There are other, less common risks, like fires and explosions, although they don’t cause much risk to pedestrians.

Distracted drivers gawking at the construction site or those trying to maneuver around road construction could also pose a risk to pedestrians if they don’t carefully monitor their surroundings.

What are your rights when hurt at a construction site?

When you get hurt because of ongoing construction, you may have rights to file an insurance claim or possibly file a civil lawsuit. Reviewing the situation closely will give you a better idea of what rights you have.

In some cases, premises liability might make the injury the responsibility of the property’s owner. Other times, such as a situation where workers failed to put up proper sign in, this non-compliance might open up the company working at a job site to liability. In other scenarios, there might even be insurance policies that protect you, such as when a driver hits you because of construction.

Exploring all of these different options can help you secure the best outcome after a serious injury near a construction site.

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