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Who is responsible for a slippery, snowy parking lot or sidewalk in Saratoga Springs?

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Slip And Falls

The cold winter winds have barely started blowing, but New Yorkers living in Saratoga Springs know that it won’t be long before they regularly see ice and snow on the ground.

Who is responsible for clearing all of that stuff off the walks and parking lots? Generally, property liability laws put the onus on the property owner or tenant to clear a path for pedestrians and keep the parking lots reasonably clean. If someone slips and falls, the responsibility for their injuries could fall on the property’s owner, the business leasing the property and using the lot and also the property management company, depending on the situation.

Local laws, however, get even more specific about the responsibilities of owners, occupants and building managers. City laws give those people just 12 hours after a snowstorm ends (although it can be slightly longer, since storms that end after 7 p.m. aren’t considered “ceased” until 7 a.m. the next morning) to clear the walks. In addition, they’re also required to sand the walks when they are slippery due to the remaining coating of ice or snow.

Everyone is expected to use common sense and caution when the weather is bad. If there’s snow or sleet coming down, it pays to wear good boots and walk carefully. Once the storm is passed, however, you have the right to expect property owners to do their part. If you end up injured due to a slip-and-fall accident on the ice, find out more about your potential right to seek compensation. An experienced attorney can look at the facts of your case and tell you more.

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