Slip And Falls

Are falls more deadly for older adults?

As people age, their chances of suffering a fall increase. A variety of factors – including balance and mobility issues, cognitive decline, vision problems and medications – make them more vulnerable to falls. Moreover, when an older person falls, they’re more likely...

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Common slip-and-fall hazards for pedestrians

Falling down is a normal part of childhood. Children bounce back up as if they were made from rubber. However, the majority of our adult life is spent trying to not fall down. We bigger kids have lost our magical rubber abilities. “Slip and fall” is a term used in...

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Who’s to blame for your slip-and-fall injuries?

If you’re walking on someone’s property and fall, aren’t they always responsible for your injuries? Shouldn’t they be the ones who cover your losses if you cannot work or have to seek medical attention? Though it might seem like they should always be responsible, the...

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