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Who’s to blame for your slip-and-fall injuries?

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Slip And Falls

If you’re walking on someone’s property and fall, aren’t they always responsible for your injuries? Shouldn’t they be the ones who cover your losses if you cannot work or have to seek medical attention?

Though it might seem like they should always be responsible, the truth is that property managers, landlords and others aren’t always to blame if you slip and fall while visiting a property. For example, in the winter months, landowners get 24 hours to address salty walkways and snow. Why? They deserve the opportunity and time needed to take care of the issue.

Aren’t property owners always responsible if someone slips and falls on their land?

No, they aren’t. Sometimes, that individual is to blame. Other times, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to cover their losses.

Social guests, for example, may be able to collect compensation from hosts if they are hurt because of dangerous conditions in the home that they should have known about. For example, if the homeowner knew that the railings next to the stairs were wobbly but did not fix them, then an injured victim who fell because the railings came loose may be able to seek compensation.

On the other hand, if you fall because your shoelaces come undone on the property, then that is not something that the owner would have been able to prevent. In that case, you may not have a claim.

When will it be assumed that the owner should have known about a dangerous condition?

If the owner had a dangerous condition on their property for long enough that any other reasonable person would have recognized the risk, then the law will usually agree that they should have known about, and corrected, that problem.

What can you do if you slip and fall on someone’s property?

The first thing to do is to let them know what happened, so that they can help you get medical attention if it’s needed. After this, you should make sure you take note of what happened and get in touch with your attorney. Your attorney’s first job will be to listen to what happened and to talk to you about the potential for the other party to be held liable.

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