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The impact of back pain after an accident

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Personal Safety

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work. It’s also a leading cause of disability around the country.

Unfortunately, it’s also a common injury in car accidents, slip and fall accidents and more. You have rights if you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s fault or negligence and now deal with chronic back pain. One of these rights is to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. Due to the impact it can have on your life both now and in the future, it’s important to look at the big picture when filing a lawsuit.

How back pain can impact your life

Back pain can make even simple tasks almost impossible, like holding your children or vacuuming your house. Unfortunately, there are now studies that have shown it can impact your mental health too.

Chronic back pain occurs when it lasts for three or more months. After an accident, the pain may come and go or be constant. In any case, it may make “normal” life almost impossible.

If you are dealing with back pain caused by an accident, you may have limited movement, sleep disturbances and the inability to go to work for days or weeks at a time. All this can seriously affect your financial stability, mental health and sense of well-being.

Seeking compensation for accident-caused back pain

If your back pain began after an accident caused by someone else, it is possible to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages and even your pain and suffering. It’s smart to learn your legal rights to see if this is possible for your situation. 

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