Car Accidents

What to do if you’re in a chain reaction crash

A chain reaction crash, often called a pileup, is an accident that is certainly more likely in the snow. It happens when multiple drivers cannot stop in time, and the cars begin crashing into the backup. For example, a pickup truck hits black ice and slides off of the...

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3 tips for driving in heavy traffic

The holiday season increases the traffic on the roadways. All drivers must take the time to focus on safety so they can make it to their destination.  Driving safely in heavy traffic requires you to give your full attention to the road. You can’t allow yourself to...

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3 rules for safe driving in the winter

Driving on wintry roads is much different than driving on dry pavement. All drivers who are on the roads this winter must ensure they’re taking appropriate safety measures.  Now is a good time to brush up on ways that you can increase your safety this winter. Start...

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3 ways drivers can prevent car accidents

Car crashes are one of the most common ways people get injured or killed. In the United States, there are approximately six million car accidents per year, and half of that number results in injuries.  Fortunately, many car crashes are preventable. Here are three ways...

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5 common causes of car accidents 

Saratoga is a beautiful place to visit and live. Unfortunately, visitors and residents aren’t immune from car crashes and serious injuries. But while some accidents are unavoidable, others can be avoided and may not have happened but for negligent drivers. If you’ve...

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